Texas woman describes ‘Hunger Games’ Fyre Fest experience


Texas woman describes ‘Hunger Games’ Fyre Fest experience

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(Jake Strang via AP)

You might have already read enough about the luxurious failure that was Fyre Fest 2017 to have formed a relatively clear picture in your mind: cheese sandwiches, portable toilets, palpable disappointment.

But in case you were aching for one more account...

Dallas woman Kendall Angela recounted her less than high-end Fyre Fest experience to the Star-Telegram, and the details are just as cringe-inducing as the pictures she provided.

According to Angela, who paid $1,000 for her Fyre ticket, festival-goers waited 10 hours to be bused to the event’s location, where there was a mad rush for available tents. 

“It was literally every man for himself,” Angela told the Star-Telegram. Those who weren’t quick enough to claim a tent slept on “wet mattresses on the beach,” and no lockers were provided in which to store belongings and valuables.

“I would say, yes, I felt like a prisoner there. It was scary. I tried not to think about it, but, yes, it was scary. There was no security and there were people getting sick and no medics available,” Angela said, likening the experience to “The Hunger Games” series. 

The Star-Telegram reports that next year’s (yes, next year’s) Fyre Fest is expected to be held on a U.S. beach. Angela has confirmed that she will pass. 


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