Dang it, Bobby, did you go to this ‘King of the Hill’ impersonation contest?


Dang it, Bobby, did you go to this ‘King of the Hill’ impersonation contest?

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Pictured: (L-R) Ladybird, Bobby, Hank, Peggy and Luanne.


Any fan of Mike Judge’s animated “King of the Hill” knows that’s what Texas paterfamilias Hank Hill sounds like under stress of any kind. (Or however you spell “Bwaahh.”) For a gathering of fans in Dallas, it was a rallying cry Saturday.

Organized through a Facebook event titled “Yell ‘Bwaahh’ like Hank Hill,” a group of “King of the Hill” enthusiasts met at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to do their best collective impression of the famous fictional propane salesman. Watch footage below.

The bwaahh-en-masse wasn’t the only event at this Arlen-centric celebration. The Facebook event called for people to dress up like their favorite characters, and the impressions didn’t stop at that famous onomatopoeia.

According to the event, high-fives were awarded for:

  • Longest Bwaahh
  • Best Bwaahh
  • Best "I tell you what."
  • Best "Dang it, Bobby."
  • Best "That boy ain't right."
  • Best Boomhauer Speech
  • Best Peggy "WHOOOYEAHHHHH!"

"The goal of the event is really just to laugh and bond and meet new people that love King of the Hill," event organizer Denise Rodriguez told TV station The CW 33.

Judging by the Facebook Live broadcasts and photos from the pop-up propane party, it looks like fun was had, indeed.

Attendees (aka “propaniacs”) posted selfies with their prizes, drawn portraits of “King of the Hill” characters like Hank and Peggy Hill, in the Facebook event after it was all over.

Dang it, Bobby. We’re sad we couldn’t go. It also seems like series creator Judge wished he could be there, too.

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