Forget the Wendy’s nugget tweet, this guy needs a million retweets for a year of free Pluckers

12:10 p.m Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Austin360 Home
The 20-piece wing dinner at Pluckers.

Want free food for a year? Turns out all you have to do is ask a company on Twitter... and hope your social network circle is big enough. 

Last week, James Proche followed in the Twitter footsteps of one of the site’s most viral tweets in the hopes of scoring free wings from Pluckers. 

Southern Methodist University freshman reached out to wing joint Pluckers after, according to his tweet, Wingstop didn’t reply to his query for free wings. Pluckers replied, challenging him to get a million retweets in order to receive a free year of wings.

The Pluckers tweet was inspired by Twitter user Carter Wilkerson, who made headlines this month when a screenshot of his plea to fast-food giant Wendy’s for free chicken nuggets for a year went viral. We’re talking one of the most-retweeted images in the site’s history. As of this writing, Wilkerson’s tweet received 2.6 million retweets, quickly approaching Ellen Degeneres’ famous Oscar selfie tweet which garnered more than 3 million retweets.  

Pluckers has nearly 20 locations across five cities in Texas and Baton Rouge, La., so the population of Pluckers cities is on Proche’s side. Only time will tell if he’ll manage to crack the million retweet threshold, one that even former President Barack Obama didn’t break the night he won re-election. 

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