Pastor pens viral love poem to Houston in wake of Harvey damage


Pastor pens viral love poem to Houston in wake of Harvey damage

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American-Statesman Staff
Emergency responders help Carlos Peterson, 10, on Tuesday after rescuing him from his house on Park Row Drive adjacent to the Addicks Reservoir. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

In the wake of damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston earlier this week, those with ties to Houston have taken to social media to express their love for a city that has shown resilience, strength and community in a time of heartbreak and devastation.

South Carolina pastor Jeremy Rutledge, who previously lived in Houston, perhaps captured the best love letter yet, penning a poem that many have said perfectly captures the spirit of the city.

“I was surprised how many people thought what I wrote was a prayer. It wasn't a prayer — it was a poem to a place and people I love,” Rutledge wrote on Facebook the day after he shared the poem.

The poem reads in part:

if you want to pray 

for Houston 

raise a bottle of Shiner 

to the gray sky 

and say that 130 mile an hour winds 

and 9 trillion gallons of rain 

are no match 

for a city of such life 

and diversity 

you can fill up our bayou 

but you will never rain 

on our parade

And yes, the poem even includes a subtle dig at Dallas. Because of course it does. Read the poem on Rutledge’s Facebook page here or read it in its entirety below.

if you want to pray for Houston you have to pray in her way pray like Beyoncé when she was at HSPVA or Billy and...

Posted by Jeremy Rutledge on Sunday, August 27, 2017
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