Listen to this: The ultimate one-hit wonder playlist

4:00 p.m Monday, Sept. 25, 2017 Music
Tammy Perez FOR AAS/Tammy Perez for Austin American
Miles Zuniga and drummer Jowy Shuffield of Fastball perform for Grulkefest: A Celebration of Brent at ACL Live. The event was held to pay tribute to Brent Grulke, creative director for SXSW until his passing on August 13, 2012. CREDIT: Tammy Perez, For American-Statesman

Ain’t no shame in the name. The one-hit wonder, the supernova of popular music, should be neither scorned nor mourned. Instead, we come to celebrate it.

In honor of National One-Hit Wonder Day (still waiting for a presidential proclamation on this one), we asked the American-Statesman newsroom, as well as our readers on social media, to name their favorite one-and-done chart smash. We hope you enjoy this ephemeral soundtrack to your ephemeral day.

Disclaimer: We’re not interested in debating the definition of “one-hit wonder” today. Let’s say we’re thinking somewhere between Michael Jackson and “Disco Duck,” and leave it at that.

Selected by public safety reporter Mark D. Wilson:

Submitted by reader @KeyroseLDO:
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