Terrence Malick meets Wonder Woman in this fan-made mashup


Terrence Malick meets Wonder Woman in this fan-made mashup

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American-Statesman staff
Gal Gadot is “Wonder Woman.” Contributed by Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment

By now, a lot of people have seen “Wonder Woman.” (And if you haven’t, you should. Our reviewer calls it “the best of the recent spate of DC Comic movies.”)

While “Wonder Woman” is full of, well, wonder, both at the world of Themyscira and at the film’s central character, one fan thought that what the film was missing was another type of wonder, the type that could only come from Austin film director Terrence Malick.

Malick’s 2012 film “To the Wonder” is most definitely not a superhero flick, but it does boast a super monologue from Javier Bardem’s Father Quintana about the esoteric nature of love, which was featured in the film’s original trailer.

Video artist Nelson Carvajal decided to take the audio from the original “To the Wonder” trailer and combine it with the video from the original “Wonder Woman” trailer, and it actually fits with the themes of both films. Patty Jenkins’ eye for grandeur and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman heroics fit nicely with Malick’s written dialogue and Hanan Townshend’s score.

Malick has been quoted as saying he will go back to more linear-plotted films after his most recent outing, the SXSW-set “Song To Song.” After viewing this, who’s to say the man couldn’t make his own brand of superhero film?

Actually, after watching this, I’m curious to see what Malick would have done with  “Batman v Superman.” Probably would have filmed it with a lot of swirling camera movements and more insightful commentary about the nature of man and God and savior complexes. Anyway.  

Oh, and this in’t Carvajal’s first mashup video. Also check out “Apehood,” “There Will Be Beef” and “Under the Stranger Things..”

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