San Antonio radio station hosts ‘men-only’ movie screening in response to ‘Wonder Woman’ screenings

2:00 p.m Friday, June 23, 2017 Movies
American-Statesman staff
Gal Gadot stars in “Wonder Woman.” Contributed by Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment

After Alamo Drafthouse announced “women-only” screenings of the recently released “Wonder Woman” movie, the theater chain gained national attention. Some praised the theater for its decision to send a message of female empowerment, while others — including a New York attorney who filed a complaint with the City of Austin — claimed the screenings were discriminatory. 

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before men decided to take matters into their own hands and host their own “men-only” screening of a “dude” movie. Well, it’s happened — and yes, it happened at the Alamo Drafthouse.

A San Antonio radio station’s morning show crew reportedly decided to host a men-only showing of “Metallica Through the Never” on Thursday, featuring “dude seating” (which apparently means there will be one empty spot between each seat) and a “dude Q&A” session with “dude-only questions,” whatever that means. It was invite-only, but some dudes on Twitter managed to snag a ticket to the ultra-exclusive bro event.

Austin boxer Ann Wolfe stars as Artemis opposite actress Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman.' Wolfe went the the wringer in life to become arguably the greatest female boxer in history.
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