Less than a year after assault allegations, Devin Faraci is writing again for the Alamo Drafthouse 


Less than a year after assault allegations, Devin Faraci is writing again for the Alamo Drafthouse 

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Women stream into the theater at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz for a women-only showing of the Wonder Woman movie on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

UPDATE 1:22 p.m: Faraci’s blurbs for Fantastic Fest 2017 have been removed from the Fantastic Fest site and replaced with those of another writer. 

Additionally, FF director of international programming Todd Brown has resigned from Fantastic Fest upon learning Faraci was contributing to the site. 

“Despite over a decade of work as the director of international programming at Fantastic Fest,” Brown wrote on his Facebook page, “I had no advance knowledge of this decision nor knowledge that Devin was contributing to the program guide. I am still processing my feelings both about this decision and the fact that I — among others — was not consulted in the making of it."

The Internet learned Tuesday that former Birth.Movies.Death editor Devin Faraci -- who stepped down from the Alamo Drafthouse-owned magazine in October following allegations of sexual assault made by a fellow film critic -- has been employed again by the Drafthouse as an in-house writer. 

His byline was noticed earlier in the week on movie blurbs on the website for the upcoming Fantastic Fest.
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In October, after Faraci criticized then-candidate Donald Trump for comments he made on a leaked “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005, a fellow film critic who goes by the Twitter handle @spacecrone accused Faraci of doing the same thing Trump had discussed — grabbing and sexually assaulting her with his hand.

Faraci replied: “@spacecrone I do not remember this. I can only believe you and beg forgiveness for having been so vile.” 

Then on Sept. 11 of this year, folks noticed Faraci’s byline on some film blurbs.

League posted an explanation of Faraci’s return to public life  :

Fantastic Fest begins Sept. 21. This tweet is from Faraci’s accuser:


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