Alamo Drafthouse severs ties with Fantastic Fest co-founder Harry Knowles

10:50 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017 Austin360 Home

The Alamo Drafthouse has “severed all ties” with Fantastic Fest co-founder and Ain’t It Cool News founder/editor Harry Knowles following allegations of sexual misconduct, according to an email Drafthouse founder Tim League sent the night of Sept. 25 to Fantastic Fest attendees.

TIm League (photo: Annie Ray)

This comes as the Drafthouse continues to deal with fallout after it was revealed on Sept. 11 that Devin Faraci, who resigned from the Drafthouse-owned Birth.Movies.Death last year after his own groping accusation, had been working again at the company. 

In the email, League also proposes a new Fantastic Fest board of directors headed up by longtime Drafthouse employee/Fantastic Fest programmer Kristin Bell.

Here is League’s letter in full:

In addition, Knowles has been voted out of the Austin Film Critics Association, an organization of which I am a member. (Former Statesman film critics have been members as are contemporary Statesman freelancers.) 

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