Chip Gaines rocked a man bun and people are loving it

10:54 a.m. Friday, July 14, 2017 Home & Leisure
Courtesy @joannagaines / Instagram

It’s been a somewhat rocky year for the Gaines family -- the “Fixer Upper” stars caught backlash from a Buzzfeed story about the couple’s Waco church’s anti-LGBTQ views, and Chip Gaines was accused of fraud and sued by his former business partners. But that’s not stopping HGTV’s first family from staying positive, loving life and taking cutesy Instagram photos wearing some perhaps ill-advised outfits.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, on a self-described “workcation” that may or may not be in California, snapped this photo all cozied up in front of some picturesque hills, and their fans were all about it:

Chip and Joanna continue to be #relationshipgoals because, I mean, if you can look that cute and lovey-dovey in those get-ups (Tube socks and boots? “Adult onesie”? Only one pant leg rolled up?) then that’s true love, folks.