Where to find karaoke in Austin


Where to find karaoke in Austin

Austinites are known as a musical bunch. Homegrown artists have grown to become national sensations and have attracted many more musically inclined folks to the city. Most people have to hold down a day job to pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sing a tune in front of a crowd from time to time.

There are many options around Austin for those looking to sing some karaoke in front of friends or strangers. Here is a list of popular karaoke spots around the city, with the nights each venue opens its microphone to the karaoke singing public.

Karaoke nights: Wednesday through Sunday

Tucked away in a covered parking lot lies Ego's, a popular karaoke dive bar with a single stage. Ego's has won several awards as the best karaoke spot in town, and the crowd is generally happy nad heckler-free. Those interested in taking the stage should arrive early, as the wait to sing can be as long as two hours on crowded nights.

Karaoke nights: All week

The Common Interest has private rooms for parties of friends in addition to its main stage. Karaoke starts at 8 pm most nights, Friday being the exception when it kicks off at 6 pm.

Karaoke nights: All week

This venue features nine private rooms which fit parties of eight, 15, or 20. It is open later than most places, until 4 am during the week and 5 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hi Tunes Karaoke

Karaoke nights: Tuesday through Sunday

Karaoke nights: All week

Karaoke nights: All week

While there is no permanent public karaoke at the Highball, the venue boasts seven themed private rooms available on a reservation basis. Room themes range from zombie fantasy and black metal to Super Mario and Jem (who is truly outrageous).

The Water Tank

Karaoke nights: Friday through Sunday

Homer’s Bar and Grill

Karaoke nights: All week

The Iron Bear

Karaoke nights: Wednesday and Saturday

Shenanigans Nightclub

Karaoke nights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Shenanigans is a bar with something different going on every night of the month. Karaoke is one of the few consistent features, with each night hosted by a different DJ.

Chinatown Downtown

Karaoke nights: Thursday through Saturday

Chinatown Downtown sits between Congress Ave and Colorado St, serving a full dinner menu (and full bar) to karaoke singers. On Karaoke nights, the doors stay open until 2 am.


Karaoke nights: Wednesday through Saturday

DK Sushi Restaurant

Karaoke night: Thursday

If you're looking to pair karaoke with sushi, you're in luck. Karaoke at DK Sushi Restaurant starts around 7:30 to 7:45 pm. Making a same day reservation is usually wise, as the time slots tend to fill up quickly.

Warehouse Billiard Bar

Karaoke nights: Tuesday and Saturday

Boomerz Nightclub

Karaoke night: Thursday

Spotlight Karaoke

Karaoke nights: All week

Red Rooster’s

Karaoke nights: Wednesday through Saturday

Sledgehammer on 6th

Karaoke night: Saturday

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