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Newsroom to bring back typewriters ... sort of

The sound of typewriters has been brought back to the newsroom of The Times newspaper in Britain, where a speaker has been set up that broadcasts typewriter sounds, with the goal of increasing energy levels and helping reporters to meet their deadlines, according to The Independent. The sound apparently starts ...


Decapitated snake kills chef

Cooking apparently can be deadly, especially when one of the ingredients can, and does, fight back.  A chef who was mixing up a spitting cobra soup dish was killed with the decapitated head from the snake bit him - 20 minutes after it was removed from the snake's body, the Mirror reported. ...

Must-see: Diehard Seattle Seahawks fan gets team logo on prosthetic eye

Never in his wildest dreams did Bill VandenBush think he would ever showcase the Seahawks logo on his prosthetic eye. “I had mentioned it to my wife. She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.” For his 10th ...


Blue lobster saved from the plate, given to aquarium

A 14-year-old girl from Maine had a great morning at sea when she pulled up something she's never caught before – a rare blue lobster.  Meghan LaPlante's catch quickly made national headlines because of how rare it is to actually catch a blue lobster. Experts estimate only one in two million lobsters is blue.  >> Read more ...

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Fox too friendly to be released into the wild

While foxes are typically considered to be cunning and wily, friendly would not be a term often associated with the woodland creatures. But one fox in England is proving that foxes can be sweet instead of sly. According to the Daily Mail, Pudding the fox was abandoned at birth by ...

American flag

Naked woman climbs flagpole, steals American flag

Officers first responded to the call of a naked woman on top of a building. When they got there, they found that woman had shimmied up a flagpole and grabbed the American flag and then come down. However, they had bigger issues. At the same time, a fire broke out ...

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Koala survives after getting CPR from rescuers

Quick-thinking rescuers saved a badly injured koala from dying, using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation-- and it was all caught on camera! The koala, nicknamed Sean, was hit by a car Wednesday, then climbed to the top of a tree in a Melbourne suburb. "This is generally what most animals will do. It's ...


Police: Man arrested after complaining he didn’t get sex at strip club

A man from Montana called police to file a complaint. Instead, he ended up getting arrested. William McDaniel, 53, called police after paying a Sage Brush Sam’s dancer $350 to perform a private lap dance. McDaniel assumed that fee included sex, and called police when the dancer refused to engage ...

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Monster grouper swallows 4-foot shark whole

A deep sea fishing trip turned into quite the spectacle for these guys. They were fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs earlier this month when one of the anglers hooked a shark about 4 feet long.  Realizing they caught something big, one of the men pulled out a camera ...

Photos: Curious raccoon with a head for trouble saved

Check out these photos showing how workers from Wildlife Emergency Services in Santa Cruz rescued this raccoon that got its head stuck in a metal storm drain Sunday.

1412 items
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