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Marc Pouhé, Patrick Gathron, Billy Harden, Sean Christopher and Carla Nickerson in “Death of a Salesman.
Jill Blackwood, Nancy Eyermann and Ben Wolfe in “Old Times.” Contributed by Bret Brookshire Supposedly, while starring in a 1984 production of the Harold...
  “The World According to Snoopy.” Contributed by Kathy Houle   In 1975, composer Larry Grossman and lyricist Hal Hackady premiered “Snoopy: The Musical...
Cecil Washington Jr., left, and Steve Vinovich portray Martin Luther King Jr. and President Lyndon B.
Line Upon Line Percussion. Contributed by Renelle Bedell This review written by freelance arts critic Luke Quinton A blue light glowed on a pillar at the...
Cristian Ortega and Lucy Mangan star in “Let the Right One In.” Contributed by Lawrence Peart This review written by freelance arts critic Andrew J.